Understanding First Class Dental Care

Understanding First Class Dental Care

Understanding First Class Dental Care

Maybe this book should have been entitled “Wisdom Tooth”, because it relates the author’s determination to learn and grow with his advocation as a dentist.

The reader will learn what is involved in becoming a dentist. The author clearly explains (and shows with over 380 color photographs) how dental procedures are performed, how people can maintain a healthy mouth (and save big money in dental bills) and why disease and deterioration occur. You’ll learn how to avoid root canal treatment, how to avoid wearing dentures and how to avoid gum surgery. Also, important information is presented regarding the care of children’s teeth and the need for orthodontics.

The author explains the relationship between mouth and the general health of the patient — how stress causes premature aging, how and why bad medicine occurs (who are the best doctors) and why dental insurance is not necessary.
Controversies regarding mercury in “silver” fillings, vitamin and mineral supplements, HMO dentistry, and dental implants are explained.

This is a great book for students and health professionals who are interested in science and its relationship to the human body. It is a book that you can refer to throughout your life when questions arise regarding dental need for you, your family and friends.

This book will help you understand First Class Dental Care.

Also available as e-book.


Superb book about dentistry by Dr Vine! This is a MUST READ book that really explains how dentistry works! This book I first bought in the Kindle edition. And I was so pleased with this book that I also bought the paperback edition as well. This is a SUPERB BOOK about dentistry! For me, I am terrified, yes terrified of going to the dentist. Yet I do go to the dentist, however, I wanted to read a book written by a dentist that explains the different aspects and treatments in dentistry in a soothing manner. Dr David Vine has written this book in a warm and conversational manner. It is like he is sitting next to me showing me pictures of different dental procedures and explaining them to me.
Dr. Vine’s knowledge and experience is outstanding and he has a warm and caring spirit for a dentist.

**All of the 50 sections in the book were superb and helpful (filled with color photos). However, my favorite section is the section on Periodontal Disease. In this section, Dr Vine shows actual pictures of the different stages of this disease and different treatments beginning with the milder case being just a very through cleaning to remove tartar and restore gum health and then he goes on to Planing and Scaling and then on to Full Gum Surgery. All of these had excellent treatment information and color pictures (before and after).

Highly recommend this book to all people that want to know more about dentistry!